Company Profile

All of our inspections are performed by C.G.S.B and/or CWB certified technicians. Inspections can be performed to any applicable specification, such as C.S.A. W59, ASME, ASTM, API, Lloyds, etc. Individual procedures can be written for any specific application.


  • Level 3 UT
  • Level 3 MT
  • Level 3 PT
  • Level 3 Visual

Inspection History

We have extensive experience in steel fabrication, nuclear, turbo/generators, shipbuilding industries and ski lift systems. We are also involved with preventive maintenance, particularly in the area of cranes, lifting equipment and fork lift truck inspection. Our testing experience includes the following:

Power Generating Stations

Non-Destructive examination on full turbo/generators, overhauls including nuclear, oil, coal, gas and hydro power plants. All turbine and generator components including turbine spindles, generator rotors, stators, valves, bearings, bellows and cylinder casings.

Steel Mills

Non-Destructive examination of crane components, mobile equipment and mill equipment for preventive maintenance, quality assurance and safety.

Paper Mills, Mines, Petroleum Refineries and Chemical Processing Plants

Non-destructive examination of mill equipment, boiler components, pipe, storage tanks and reactors, both in quality assurance and on a shutdown preventive maintenance basis.


On site erection and shop inspection of buildings, pressure vessels and bridge structures.

Bond Testing

Ultrasonic and liquid penetrant inspection of babbitt bearings and bushings.

Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs

Non-destructive examination during ship construction and ultrasonic thickness testing of ship plates during surveys.